ABOUT The Designer

          Alton E. McCullough King, CEO and Designer for

                                  Beach Bling Swimwear

Beach Bling Swimwear,  was established, by Alton E. McCullough King, September 2009 while vacationing on the shores of South Beach Miami, Florida. With a passion for travel, and an enduring love for sexy and unique swimwear, he noticed an array of creative styles of suits on the beach that inspired the entrepreneur to launch his first line of custom design swimwear for men.

Beginning March 2011 from such a great demand, Mr McCullough created an even more sexy line of swimwear and cover-ups for women. During that same year Mr. McCullough wanted to honor his original birth history by adding onto his adopted name of Alton E. McCullough, his original birth last name of King.  This would explain why most people will see the name Alton E. McCullough-King. In the summer of 2011 Alton launched the first annual Beach Bling Swimwear – presents: Spring/Summer Heat Fashion Explosions 2011. As the show theme was geared towards fashion for travel, cruise, resort and beachwear, Mr. McCullough-King included a team of professional guest Designers to partner with BBS, to introduce additional creations of fashions for travel, vacation, and more. Alton has been an accomplished business owner, and creative industry leader with over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His talent extends far beyond the creations of his swimwear. Mr. McCullough-King is a graduate of Florida A & M University, and The American College of The Applied Arts in Atlanta, Ga. Additional studies completed at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Mr. McCullough-King has worked in many areas of Designs, as a licensed Interior Designer, Wholesale Showroom Designer, Wedding Cake Designer, Florist, Prop and Stage Designer, and Professional Model.

Beach Bling Swimwear

BBS, thru the creative uses of the internet, and many social network services,  grew in the fashion industry in a matter of months. As an invited guest designer in many professional fashion show presentations, Beach Bling Swimwear continues to hold its own as a Creative Custom Design Swimwear Clothing label in the south.

BBS continues to grow in all areas of the fashion industry. BBS in 2011 was featured in the summer issue of Snytch Fashion Magazine, a member of the Swimwear Association of Florida.

Additional information about Beach Bling Swimwear includes fashion presentations in the:

Noire 300 Fashion Shows, Mercedes Benz Fashion Explosion, Moda Experience Fashion Shows, 1426 Fashion Week, 1426 Curves Swim Week, New York Fashion Runway, and much more.